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Myositis Association Australia Merchandise

AJS Gifts & Laser engraving are proud to announce our partnership with the Myositis Association - Australia to deliver Merchandise on behalf of the association.

Why have we chosen The Myositis Association?

As a small family business we believe in family, support and awareness. With this in mind we chose this organization as one of our family members is currently a member of the association living with IBM (Inclusion Body Myositis).

How will we support The Myositis Association?

AJS Gifts & Laser engraving will Donate a percentage of all sales back to The Myositis Association so they can deliver awareness, support and social events for its members.

So what is Myositis?

Myositis is a medical term that describes inflammation of muscle tissue, “myo” being a prefix denoting muscle, and “itis” being a suffix denoting inflammation of tissue. Putting them together gives “Myositis”, i.e. muscle inflammation.

In every-day life, inflammation is most commonly experienced as the swelling around the site of wounds and around muscle and joint injuries. But, with the conditions known collectively as Myositis, the inflammation is within the muscle tissue as a chronic autoimmune response.

The most common defined forms of Myositis are:

  • Dermatomyositis;
  • Polymyositis;
  • Inclusion Body Myositis; and
  • Juvenile Myositis.

For more information please visit Myositis Australia here